Fashion in Web 3.0, Creativity, Sustainability & Gen Z

The metaverse and Web3.0 are two of the most-discussed concepts today, people from all industries including fashion players are moving into the virtual world to explore new market opportunities and access potential new customers. With emerging technology and infrastructure, there are new ways of interaction between online and offline, and a more open and “pluralverse” fashion ecosystem is created.

The Forum was focused on these topics——Creativity in Digital Fashion, Sustainability  in Web 3.0 and How to Attract Gen Z with Web 3.0. We invited pioneers in the digital fashion world, including speakers from AUROBOROS, IoDF, Wolford, DRESSX, Dragon City, Digital Village and Decentraland, to share pioneering practices, techniques and inspiration for exploring fashion tech to usher in the age of the metaverse.

DAY1 Creativity in Digital Fashion 


Paula Sello & Alissa AulbekovaFounders of AUROBOROS

Leanne Elliott YoungCo-Founder & CEO at IoDF

Moderator:Dr. Shao Hao – Group AI Business Leader

How to achieve mastery in the virtual fashion world? How does technologies empower imagination to expand the horizon of creativity for a new fashionable languages?



DAY2 Sustainability in Web 3.0

Speakers:Silvia AzzaliCCO of Wolford / Julien RosilioHead of Growth at DRESSX / Roy ZouFounder of Dragon City/Metaverse Labs

Moderator: Shaway Yeh – Founder of yehyehyeh

How to obtain effective sustainable fashion solutions by employing web3.0 technology, to ease the environmental, cultural and economic predicaments, is the urgent topic facing us all now.



DAY3 How to Attract GenZ with Web 3.O

Speakers:Evelyn Mora CEO and Founder of Digital Village / Dr. Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro Metaverse Producer at Decentraland Foundation

Moderator: Gemma A. WilliamsEditorial Director, Jing Daily

As the digital netizen, Gen Z is becoming the main consumption and creative force. How can the fashion industry catch their hearts through Web3.0?